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To view more photos by Elvin, visit his .

Award-winning photos can be along with Elvin’s other honors. A full list of Elvin’s accomplishments can be found on his .


Note: A full archive of all journalistic work in the 2011-2012 school year can be found .

- These photos were shot in the course of 2010-2011 throughout my travels around the Bay Area, southern California, and the American Southeast.

Advertisement Projects

- 7DB is an indie rock band based in Cupertino, CA comprised of guitarists Max Sorg, Kieren Patel, bassist Wells Santo, and drummer Adi Nag.

- This set of promotional flyers was created for the MVHS Leadership Class to advertise this year’s school-wide Quiz Bowl competition. The photos featured the competing teams: four students from each class.

Graphic Design

- This is a visual archive of all pages designed by Elvin Wong for El Estoque , Monta Vista High School’s newsmagazine.

During his first year as a staff writer, he was bestowed the responsibility for designing select Page 5’s, the page for the issue’s main news story. He currently designs for El Estoque’s Special Report section.