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How to Teach Your Boyfriend Take Instagram Photos

So, you found a man of your dreams. Perhaps, this happened when you were having fun with your friends at karaoke or after looking for ashleymadison review. Nevertheless, here he is, your relations seem to be perfect until it comes to making new photos for your Instagram. It's very disappointing: men can take wonderful photos of the sunset, the cutest pictures of cats and even some mongrels. But when it comes to women, they seem to be jammed. And so you try your best, but the photos are horrible. It's not like putting it on Instagram, it's scary even to store it on your phone.
We decided to share a short guide on how to get beautiful photos from your boyfriend.

1. Show a photo idea you want to make into life

You can just find the photo you want to repeat and show it to your boyfriend, so he knows what exactly you need. This item facilitates the work by 50% and there will be less poor pictures.

2. Show the angle from which you need a photo

Put the man in your place and take the photo that you need, clearly show from what angle you should be photographed. If you need a face on the frame, then ask him to shoot at an eye-level, for a half-length portrait you need the photo to be made at a chest level, for a full-length - it is better to squat down (to maintain body proportions). Explain all these requirements so your boyfriend will have clear instructions (you can also turn on the grid on the camera).
Think about how you would like to pose in advance, then the photos will look great. Run to watch the result right after the first photo. No need to work on poses in vain - make sure that the photo was made the same as you intended.

3. Prepare your boyfriend before making photos

Kiss him and tell how cool he is and that no one can take a photo of you better than him. Then go ahead and make your content. This point is extremely important, make it clear to your man that no one will help you except him, tell him he is the best photographer for you, even if it's not.

4. Argue why you need a photo

Often your boyfriend does not know and understand why you need these photos. You should explain to him you are blogging and this is necessary for your development and content. Explain clearly your goal and then he will run to help you. Make it’s clear that beautiful photos are a way to make you happy.

5. Ask him to do a lot of photos

If he makes 20 photos, then 2 of them will be good. Tell him to click many times, then delete bad shots, and don’t blame him in case there is no single good photo.
Dear ladies, do not expect a magazine cover photo from your boyfriend with a phone. If you suddenly get at least one photo, then you can jump and rejoice for the following three days.